Best women’s waterproof trousers of 2021

Every year I overlook this key type of outerwear for the Devon climate. And every year I regret it.  Having traipsed home laden with bags through yet another deluge, my trousers and legs are soaked through, with damp fabric that will need to be peeled off my goosebump-ridden skin. I’ll admit it. I am notContinue reading “Best women’s waterproof trousers of 2021”

Why we need a Richard Vobes in Devon

I am probably old enough to have enjoyed his CITV show Snug and Cozi on more than one occasion. But Richard Vobes of Worthing, West Sussex, AKA The Bald Explorer is distinguishing himself as one of the UK’s leading vloggers about all things landscape, heritage, and nature. If you have not already encountered his engagingContinue reading “Why we need a Richard Vobes in Devon”