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Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and I hope you find what I share here useful. As you can see Dart Mart Devon is a bit of a work in progress, but I hope this page will help you understand more of this website, its objectives, and its take on the wonderful English county of Devon in the heart of the West Country. 

Who am I?

  • Content writer 
  • TV researcher 
  • Scientist 
  • Medic
  • Mother 

In all honesty, I’m more interested in who you are and hope you get some value out of my efforts here. As you can see with this site, I am quite eclectic in interests and it probably has something to do with the many things I am trying to cram into a typical day in a large family. 

A Devonian sojourner and explorer

In fact, the most common question I’m asked in and around Devon is “What do you do for a living”. This is almost certainly because I enjoy extensive travel in the county (by bus) and being frugal make the most of the out-of-season months to explore with my family and enjoy the beauty of Devon and its people. You don’t have to be moneyed or travel on four wheels at speed to get the most out of Devon and I hope I communicate this in the posts I share. 

Finding new ways to thrive in Devon

Those of us who dwell on the south coast of England are well aware of the challenges that come with raising a family and staying productive amidst inflationary costs, stagnant wages, and scarce housing. In a county like Devon which is heavily dominated by tourism, the seasonality of earnings is a big issue too. 

I believe Devon should be a productive place where young families can live decently and grow. But I think we have got to be innovative! 

 I’m continually researching and trying out ways to live here creatively and Dart Mart Devon is one of them. Over time, this website will be developed into a community resource with classified ads and a couple of tech launches further down the line. 

Want to work with me?

My day job involves pounding the keys for a diverse roster of clients, but if you think we could work together, reach out and let me know what you have in mind.

I am experienced in working with press and media, the hospitality sector, and small businesses in Devon I can offer the following services and more:

  • Copywriter in Devon
  • Content writer in Devon
  • Proofreader in Devon 
  • Copy editor in Devon
  • Content manager in Devon 
  • Product reviews in Devon
  • Guest post writer in Devon
  • Graphic designer in Devon

Affiliate Disclaimer 

To stay productive, I am seeking to earn revenue in a variety of ways on this website. Posts may contain affiliate links from which I may earn a small commission.

I am also keen to include sponsored posts as the site grows. I’ll always label posts with this kind of content. You can support the site by purchasing via my links.

Thank you for stopping by!