Watch the Victorian Way With Mrs Crocombe Online: Every Video So Far From English Heritage

Got Mrs Crocombe cravings? ‘Hangry’ for some Victoriana cuisine?  Can be bothered to trawl the English Heritage YouTube channel to find The Victorian Way videos?

Get EVERY available Mrs Crocombe The Victorian Way video link in the list below. I’ll keep this page updated and let me know if I’ve missed any of them!


Watch the Victorian Way with Mrs Crocombe online: Every video so far from English Heritage

Sadly I have watched every Mrs Crocombe video online. Her dishes look absolutely delicious, shame we’re not eating so well today! English Heritage has done a fantastic job with this living history project which is packed with insights into servant life in Victorian times. Here are ALL the Mrs Crocombe recipes:

TitleDate released
How to Make Pancakes – The Victorian WayFeb 16, 2015 
How to Make Ice Cream – The Victorian WayAug 21, 2015
Cooking with Apples – The Victorian WaySep 18, 2015
How to Make Victoria Sandwiches – The Victorian WayAug 23, 2016
How to Make Biscuits – The Victorian WayAug 31, 2016
How to Make Mince Pies – The Victorian WayDec 6, 2016
How to Make Curry – The Victorian WaySep 18, 2017
How to Make Chocolate Pudding – The Victorian WayOct 27, 2017 
How to Make A Christmas Cake – The Victorian WayNov 30, 2017
How to Cook Turkey – The Victorian WayDec 13, 2017 
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Who Was Avis Crocombe?Dec 30, 2017 
How to Make Breakfast – The Victorian WayFeb 27, 2018
How to Make Marbled Eggs for Easter – The Victorian WayMar 23, 2018 
How to Make Soup – The Victorian WayMay 25, 2018
How to Make Trifle – The Victorian WayJun 29, 2018
How to Make Roly Poly Pudding – The Victorian WayAug 24, 2018 
How to Harvest Apples – The Victorian WaySep 24, 2018
Mrs Crocombe Receives a “Taste of America” Food Parcel – The Victorian Way & Townsends CollaborationOct 22, 2018
How to Make Gâteau de Pommes – The Victorian WayNov 5, 2018
How to Make Christmas Pudding – The Victorian WayNov 23, 2018
How to Cook Turbot – The Victorian WayJan 11, 2019
How to Make Pigeon Pie – The Victorian WayFeb 1, 2019  
How to Make Custard Pudding – The Victorian WayMar 1, 2019 
How to Make Marmalade Water Ice – The Victorian WayMar 29, 2019
How to Make Gingerbread Cake – The Victorian WayApr 19, 2019 
What Was Life Like? Episode 10: Victorians | Meet Victorian Cook Mrs CrocombeMay 7, 2019
How to Make Butter – The Victorian WayMay 24, 2019
How to Make Cheese Seftons – The Victorian WayJun 21, 2019
How to Make Fashionable Apple Dumplings – The Victorian WayJul 26, 2019
A Tour of the Laundry – The Victorian WaySep 6, 2019 
How to Make Brown Bread Pudding – The Victorian WayOct 11, 2019  
How to Make Nesselrode Cream – The Victorian WayDec 13, 2019
How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian WayJan 17, 2020
How to Make Macaroni Cheese – The Victorian WayFeb 21, 2020
How to Make Saffron Buns – The Victorian WayApr 10, 2020
How to Make Devonshire Squab Pie – The Victorian WayJun 5, 2020 
How to Make Lemon Cheese Cakes The Victorian Way | With Dr Annie Gray and Kathy HippersonSep 24, 2020
How to Make Fig Pudding The Victorian Way | With Dr Annie Gray and Kathy HippersonNov 26, 2020
How to Make Swiss Baskets – The Victorian WayDec 25, 2020 
How to Make Rabbit Pudding – The Victorian WayJan 29, 2021
How to Make Spotted Dick – The Victorian WayFeb 26, 2021 
How to Make Ginger Beer – The Victorian WayJul 7, 2021 
How to Cook Sea Kale with Melted Butter Sauce — The Victorian WayAug 26, 2021 
How to Make Eve’s Pudding – The Victorian WayOct 20, 2021
How to Make Gertrude à la Crème – The Victorian WayDec 13, 2021
How to Make Asparagus Rolls — The Victorian WayJul 7, 2022
How to Make Vegetable Salad — The Victorian WayJul 27, 2022 
How to Make Cherry Pie — The Victorian WaySep 22, 2022
How to Make a Travel Picnic — The Victorian WayAug 18, 2022 
How to Make Seed Cake — The Victorian WayOct 13, 2022
Mrs Crocombe and Mrs Warwick Take Tea — The Victorian WayOct 27, 2022 
How to Make Veal Hash with Potato Croquettes — The Victorian WayDec 1, 2022
Laying the Table at Christmas – The Victorian WayDec 14, 2022
How to Make Palestine Soup — The Victorian WayDec 23, 2022
How to Make Almond and Potato Pudding — The Victorian WayJan 17, 2022
How to Make Seed Cake — The Victorian WayOct 13, 2022
How to Make English Chutnee – The Victorian WayNov 24, 2021
How to Make Champagne Jellies — The Victorian WayJan 4, 2023
How to Make Amber Pudding — The Victorian WayFeb 16, 2023
How to Make Simnel Cake — The Victorian WayApr 4, 2023
How to Make Roast Beef with Plum Pudding — The Victorian WayMay 6, 2023

The COMPLETE The Real Mrs Crocombe documentary series on YouTube

This five-part mini-series goes behind the scenes on English Heritage’s Mrs Crocombe project. Food historian Dr Annie Gray explains the history of Avis Crocombe and the lives of servants in Victorian times. Adds valuable context to this popular living history show:

VideoDate released
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part One: Victorian Kitchen LifeMar 7, 2018
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part Two: The Return of Avis CrocombeMar 19, 2018
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part Three: Breaking the MouldApr 11, 2018
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part Four: A Victorian Cook’s OutfitJul 5, 2018 
The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part Five: Life Below StairsJul 26, 2018

You can find out EVEN MORE about Mrs Crocombe in my article: 

Who is Mrs Crocombe? Everything you need to know about the Delia Smith of Devonshire

Watch fabulous Mrs Crocombe videos 

Here are some of my favourite Mrs Crocombe videos from other channels. These videos are great for learning more about The Victorian Way and include some hilarious attempts to create her recipes:

Get your hands on the OFFICIAL Mrs Crocombe cookbook and The Victorian Way merch!

Mrs Crocombe fans can enjoy a taste of The Victorian Way lifestyle with English Heritage’s beautiful collection of The Victorian Way-themed cookware and accessories. The collection includes beautiful copper measuring cups, mixing bowls and fine kitchen scissors that would not be out of place in Mrs Crocombe’s kitchen:

>>>Take a look at The Victorian Way Collection from English Heritage<<<

You can also get your hands on the bestseller, How To Cook The Victorian Way With Mrs Crocombe, by food historian Dr Annie Gray and Andrew Hann

This beautiful hardback cookbook is the ideal accompaniment to this popular series of videos:

>>>Buy How To Cook The Victorian Way With Mrs Crocombe<<<

Rounding up

I hope you find this list of wonderful Mrs Crocombe videos useful. If you can’t wait for more, Kathy Hipperson’s Instagram account has teased images that suggest that more episodes are on the way:

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