Key Items to Take When Camping with Your Dog

A shared adventure like a camping trip is the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to escape the daily routine, strengthen bonds and explore the great outdoors together!

When planning your camping trip, you need to make sure that you can meet the needs of your pet while you are out in the wild.

Preparation is critical for travelling with your dog

An ‘it’s a dog’s life’ take on pet supplies for camping just won’t cut it. Your dog’s well-being cannot be an afterthought, and you need to ensure you equip yourself with considered supplies that will keep them at their best and your camping vacation stress-free. A dog that is tired, hungry, or thirsty is a dog that is more likely to act out. These issues are often amplified by being in a new environment.

Have a happy camping trip by packing the right pet supplies

To help you both get set for the big trip, we have curated items that will fulfil 5 key areas of need for your dog while you are camping. While you don’t need to bring the whole house, these items should keep your furry friend at their best and focused on having a great time with you!

  1. Nutrition

It’s easy to underestimate just how much more active your dog will be while camping, especially if you take an extended hike.

Your dog’s caloric demands can easily double, especially if your dog is off-leash, so you need premium, calorie-dense pet food with quality ingredients. 

Dog food recipes that are high protein, meat-rich, and well-fortified with key vitamins and minerals are key. Expert pet food provides the best dog food solutions for your dog’s nutrition on this kind of trip. 

Healthy dog food may cost more, but their custom formulations, including dry dog food, deliver more nutrition by weight, meaning you do not need to carry as much with you.

  1. Hydration

To keep them at their best, your dog will need liberal access to fresh, clean water. 

With their regular water requirements being around an ounce of water per pound of body weight, you will need to plan for greater demand, especially if your dog is eating a dry dog food formulation.

There are some great accessories to help your dog drink water including:

  • Wearable hydration packs for dogs
  • Dog bowl water bottles
  • Collapsible dog bowls

Offer water at regular intervals on your trails and leave a filled bowl out when you are back at camp.

  1. Rest

Settling your dog down can get tricky on a camping break. Being in a new and unfamiliar environment may mean that your dog remains alert and may find it difficult to unwind.

Creating a cosy sleeping or resting area for your dog will make the transition easier. Better still, you can introduce your sleeping gear to your dog ahead of the trip so they can become acclimated to it. Great bedding options for camping with your dog include:

  • Dog tents
  • Dog camping beds
  • Dog sleeping bags
  1. Handling

It may be just you, your four-legged best friend, and the stars, or a more busy tourist-packed environment. Either way, boundaries need to be maintained and you need to have a clear strategy for keeping your pet secure when necessary. Wildlife is also a hazard, potentially leading your dog to become lost or injured chasing animals. At a minimum, consider packing a foldable or collapsible dog pen and a secure tie-out cable or leash with a ground stake

  1. Reassurance

Being away from home for an extended period can take its toll on your dog. Bring your pet’s favourite toys or a trusty blanket for the comforting smell of home.

Relax, you’ve got this!

With thoughtful preparation and planning, your camping trip with your pet will be a great success, Remember to hold back from over-packing supplies, time, and attention from you are always the most important to your dog.

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