Grisport Modena Walking Shoes Review

It all started with an ultra cheap pair of shoes for a last-minute formal event. My husband liked them and wore them often. However, after each wear, his feet badly ached and by the time numbness was setting into the toes, it was more than clear that you get what you pay for!

Enter Grisport! I cannot claim to have known about this Italian brand, but my husband and his toes were crying out for properly constructed footwear. So I selected the Grisport Modena shoe on the basis of A LOT of research! 

3 years later and his well-worn pair that were worn daily, to the exclusion of all other footwear, are now in the bin. The uppers failed, but the soles remained pristine. A new pair is on the way. So we thought we would share what is great about Grisport  Modena walking shoes, which are actually unisex, in a handy review.

About Grisport walking shoes

The Italian brothers Graziano & Mario Grigolato founded Grisport in the 1970s. They started out by creating handmade leather walking shoes in their home in the Dolomite Mountains. Comfort has always been at the heart of what Grisport does, and over almost 50 years they have established a reputation as manufacturers of premium footwear.  

Scarpe di alta qualità

Grisport had continued to grow and produces more than 5,000 different shoe models in a state-of-the-art shoe factory, complete with advanced robotics, in the Dolomite foothills. Grisport Italian shoes are never licensed or outsourced to anyone else. When you buy their walking shoes, you are buying 100% authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Grisport  Modena Walking Shoes

The Modena walking shoe is based on the original hand-stitched Moccasin design of the Grigolato brothers and has comfort as a priority. This unique design has been an international bestseller with  hundreds of thousands of pairs of this design sold since they first hand-sketched the shoe in 1977.

A closer look at the Grisport Modena

Here is a breakdown of the key features of this classic unisex walking shoe:


  • Closure: lace-up with 5 D-ring speed cross lacing, which means you can slip these shoes on and off easily. 
  • Uppers: Unlined natural leather in black or brown 
  • Kalakaha sole
  • Weight: 785g per pair
  • Available sizes: 36 to 47


The Modena shoe is not exactly what springs to mind when you think of a walking shoe. When my husband unwrapped this pair of shoes, I was shocked that he was going to start wearing creepers! A notable feature of these shoes is the thick Kalakaha sole, but it is this feature that makes the Modena, extremely comfortable and supportive. 

Soft leather uppers and smart lacing 

The Grisport Modena is lightweight and easy on your feet. The quality, soft leather is natural and breathable, meaning your feet won’t get sweaty on summer treks. They have retained the lacing of the original design with a speed lacing system where the laces simply run through paired D-rings.

The leather does need TLC to maintain its suppleness and waterproofing. A decent wax polish should be used to keep it in tiptop shape. Use the Grisport Modena to walk in 

  • Fields
  • Mudflats
  • Shingle

To be honest, my husband’s pair was a bit battered after daily wear, through puddles, the sea, painting the house?! and were sub-optimally maintained and so the leather deteriorated. With good care, these are very durable shoes.

Sizing and fit

The Grisport Modena is roomy, with a broad and gently rounded toe that will be comfortable for wider feet (especially in women). Most purchasers of this shoe find it fits true to size.


Here are some great details of the Modena shoe by Grisport:

  • No fancy linings – you will really appreciate the quality and resilience of the Italian leather in this design. 
  • A comfortable anatomically designed insole that fits like a glove.
  • A stylish design that is smart enough for work and formal settings, but cool enough for town or city wear. 


Your feet will be well supported by the moulded sole unit, with an inner removable insole that you can exchange for one of your choice. Unusually, the tongue of the Grisport Modena is stitched to the outside of the shoe with the lacing on top for maximum support across the top of your foot.

Top marks for the Kalakaha sole

The layered leather sole delivers strong support and stability. The cleated Hawaiian rubber sole is slip-resistant with an outstanding grip that helps you to walk confidently. This makes the Modena perfect for treading on rough, uneven ground. 

Grisport Modena video review

Take a closer look at the Grisport Modena walking shoe in this helpful video: 

Pros and cons of the Grisport Modena

If you are weighing up the Lady Rimini as your next walking shoe, here is a roundup of the pros and cons:

Pros of the Grisport Modena Walking Shoes 

  • Lightweight but sturdy: If you need shoes that are supportive without tramping around in clodhoppers, these are the shoes for you. 
  • Smart shoes: The smart black and brown design is full of Italian style and craftsmanship and will get admiring comments.
  • Breathable:  With no lining, the leather does all the talking. This shoe is an exercise in why natural materials like leather are best for the feet. 
  • Outstanding grip: The intelligently constructed sole has real hold to the ground so you can walk tall!

Cons of the Grisport Modena Walking Shoes 

Some people may want a lining: The leather is soft enough not to rub, but if you prefer a lining, this shoe may be a new experience.

Not for all terrain: Choose the Modena for town and city walking, paths, and trails. It may not be up to the “moors and tors”!

Men, expect to go up in the world: The low platform sole will give you an all-around lift, so prepare for the added height. 

Where can I buy the Grisport Modena Walking Shoes

Here are your buying options for the Grisport Modena Walking Shoes:

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Our verdict

The Grisport Modena walking shoe is therapy for your feet and delivers all the support and comfort a good shoe is supposed to provide. If you have children attending school, this is a must for their developing feet. Also, older people will be well served by the superior fit, and secure grip that the Modena delivers. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. William Mcgarvey says:

    Solved my foot ware problems. Surgeon explained I needed shoes with a rigid sole.
    Worked wonders, have worn no other shoes in the last 8 years. Have both Black & brown, formal or field.
    Great value.


    1. Hi William – yes! I no longer get headaches after long walks, the quality of the Grisport shank is key.

      My husband wrangled me into getting them but I am converted! He only likes the black Modena for the same reasons as you but it has been discontinued. Let me know if you have an alternative for you black pair in future!


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