A Review of Woozie’s Deli, Beer, Devon

If your idea of adventure is the purr of a vintage XK70 on the open road, Brexton picnic hamper and iced Bolly in the boot, Woozie’s Deli in the quintessential Devon coastal village of Beer is the perfect destination for stocking up on refreshments. 

Whether a much-anticipated treat or a frank surprise, this gastronomic outpost, located just moments from the spectacular scenery of Lyme Bay is one of Beer’s best-kept secrets. In fact, the residents of the larger nearby town of Seaton schlep across the hills and cliffs to avail themselves of Woozie’s delectable range of pastries, cakes, meats and cheeses, which will barely survive a 200-metre walk to the sea without being eaten! 

About Woozie’s Deli

Woozie’s Deli, Beer, Seaton, Devon

Woozie’s Deli is a delicatessen and greengrocer in Beer, near Seaton in Devon. It was founded over twenty years ago by Gilbert and Frances “Woozie” Taylor. Gilbert sadly died in 2021, but Woozie continues at the helm of this magnificent shop, working a heroic six-day week with exemplary hospitality. It is a real community hub and just a few minutes in-store offer a lovely taste of English village life, a great reason to forgo the sterile mega-Tescos in Seaton. 

Getting to Woozie’s Deli

If you are driving into Beer, you can’t miss the iconic shop front on Fore Street, Beer emblazoned with “Woozie’s DELI” on a smart burgundy awning. Just park up at the central long-stay car park, jump out and turn right onto Clapps Lane. You’ll see Fore Street ahead of you and Woozie’s is the first shop on the left.

If you have taken the bus to Beer: Hop off the 885 bus from Seaton to Beer at Beer Cross, which is further up Fore Street and simply walk down towards the sea.

Here’s a map for Woozies:

What can you buy at Woozie’s

Woozie’s have just about everything needed to assemble the ultimate beachside picnic or tide you over in your holiday cottage, caravan, or hotel room in style. If you are on a diet, the delicious aromas that waft through the shop will tempt you. Here are some things you can buy at Woozie’s in Beer: 

🥐Delicious pastries and pasties

🥖Local fresh bread

Local Devon clotted cream (incredibly moreish!!!)

🌶️Exotic spices and seasonings

🍎🍓🍒🍋 Seasonal fresh fruit that is ripe and ready to eat including plums, strawberries pears and decent grapes

🍌Banana (over-ripe ones are free #zero waste)

🥒🥦🍅Salad ingredients and veg

🥜Nuts, crisps and snack foods

🥣Cereals, muesli, oats



🥩🥓🍗Fresh and cooked meats (chicken, lamb and pork)

🧀Local cheese counter

🥚Fresh local egg


🥛 Milk and butter 

🥤Cold drinks

☕ Hot drinks

3 things we love about Woozie’s Deli

As I mentioned above, Woozie’s was initially a last-minute option as we could not be bothered to trek to the wider ranges of shops in Seaton. However, we were soon hooked on Woozie’s and aside from stocking up on fresh fish from Beer Fisheries, we never needed to set foot outside the village. Here are 3 things that make Woozie’s a must for any visit to East Devon:

1. Great value prices

When I entered Woozie’s Deli, I was immediately worried for my financial health. Fresh olives, cheeses, chorizo and local butter can easily add up. A basket of fruit, veg, eggs, crackers, butter, milk and chorizo was just over £12. Eggs were £2.10 for 12, and a large chorizo collar was £3. Local lamb mince was £4. Very good prices for food of exceptional quality, so you won’t break the bank but can eat some special treats. 

Woozie’s accepts cash and card payments incl. contactless

2. Amazing range

Woozie had an amazing range of well-curated ingredients, treats, and goodies, that could easily compete with a deli in Exeter or London. This shop is perfect for a self-catering holiday as you’ll want to try all the spices and ingredients that Woozie sells. Perfect for foodies. The fresh meat has amazing quality and you can banquet on the beach with fresh olives, hummus, cured meats, cheese, and fresh bread toted in your Beer shopper that is sold in-store.

3. Coastal grandmother

If you are on the lookout for Devon coastal grandmothers, Woozie is definitely nailing this look and lifestyle. Diane Keaton-esque and warm, you would chat to her for hours if the shop wasn’t so busy!

When is Woozie’s open?

Don’t bring your town and city timekeeping to Beer. Woozie does a sterling job of being open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10 till 4 on Sunday. 

Our rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Woozie’s Deli 

Address: 12 Fore St, Beer, Seaton EX12 3JQ

Phone: 0129720707

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