The Complete Guide to Norton Park Chalets, Dartmouth, Devon

Norton Park in Dartmouth is an intriguing destination that, like many chalet parks, is very much for those in the know. However, more and more people who want to visit the historic town of Dartmouth and the beautiful South Hams are opting for this little known idyllic destination that delivers outstanding value for money. The chalets can be hit and miss but this complete guide to Norton Park will provide everything you need to know about this great holiday and short-stay destination for Dartmouth!

About Norton Park, Dartmouth

Norton Park , Dartmouth, Devon

Norton Park is Dartmouth’s leading holiday park, located just minutes by car or bus from the sailing and marinas of the ancient estuary town. It offers comfortable, classic chalet accommodation, in well-maintained parkland, provided by a variety of owners with the opportunity for short and longer-term stays all year round. Here are the key details for Norton Park:

  • Privately enclosed estate with hedges and trees for privacy 
  • Concrete paths and steps for access to chalets
  • 4 areas for parking
  • 267 one and two-bedroom chalets
  • Pound-coin operated metered electricity
  • 7.6 hectares (18 acres)
  • Rural setting
  • No onsite entertainment
  • No onsite shop
  • Views towards Old Mill Creek and Start Bay
  • Minutes from the River Dart

The history of Norton Park

The Norton Park chalets were built in the 1970s on the remains of a country estate. A statue from the original estate remains in the main car park. In 1969 the owners of Norton Park caused local intrigue with the erection of a controversial large wooden arch on the main road, which eventually blew down a year later.

Norton Park statue with views towards Old Mill Creek

Where is Norton Park? 

It all depends where you are heading in from, but Norton Park is very easy to get to. It is on the Norton Bends of the A3122, the main road into Dartmouth. To orient yourself, Norton Park is about 30 miles east of Plymouth and 40 miles southwest of Exeter. If you are localish, Totnes is a mere 10 miles away. 

Norton Park, Dartmouth address

For your SatNav: Norton Park, Dartmouth TQ6 0NH

Norton Park, Devon map

Getting into Norton Park

By car: Norton Park is on your left-hand side as you drive on the A3122 westward towards Dartmouth Town Centre. 

On foot/public transport: Don’t be put off from visiting Norton Park if you aren’t driving as it is one of the most accessible and well-connected chalet parks for public transport. Get the train to Totnes and hop onto the Number 92 bus that runs from Totnes to Dartmouth (amazing views on this journey). The Number 92 stops right outside the entrance of Norton Park. Here is the 92 bus timetable from Stagecoach (keep a copy).

Getting to Dartmouth Town Centre from Norton Park

Dartmouth is 1.5 miles away and easy to get to. Use Norton Park as your springboard to the glorious South Hams. 

By car: Just continue down the A3122. There is a park and ride area before you enter the town and you can jump on a shuttle bus into the town centre. Like most coastal locations, parking is going to be dicey in town. 

On foot: Chill at the entrance of the park and the 92 will come right to you. As I recall it turns up every one to two hours.

Norton Park is also:

  • A mile west of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • 4.1 miles from Old Mill Creek
  • 2.5 miles from the sandy beaches of Blackpool Sands
  • 15 miles southwest of Dartmoor National Park

Easy shopping options for Norton Park Chalets

This place can feel like the middle of nowhere, but it is very well connected. Don’t bother stocking up on your self-catering bits and bobs and hauling them down with you, you have great supermarkets a few minutes drive or a couple of bus stops (No. 92 again) away:

  • Sainsbury’s: Nelson Rd, Dartmouth TQ6 9AH – the 92 bus stops right outside, just ask the driver. If you are driving, you can get petrol here.
  • Lidl: Townstal Rd, Dartmouth TQ6 9LW – it is almost directly across the road from Sainsbury’s.

Norton Park activities

If you like peace and quiet Norton Park is for you as you have no entertainment, mascots or restaurants on site. Explore the acres of peaceful parklands and play hide and seek among the rows of chalets. Other great activities that are perfect for the lawned areas of this site include:

  • Golf games
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Water games
Parkland at Norton Park

If you want to go for a swim, Dartmouth Leisure Centre is just next to Lidl. Here is a great family memoir of a Norton Park holiday!

Get post at Norton Park

If you need anything delivered, Norton Park does receive post so you can get your Amazon Prime goodies delivered to your chalet door!

Where to stay in Norton Park

I have stayed with my family in Norton Park and found it to be one of the best caravan/chalet parks in South Devon. It is the best value self-catering choice for Dartmouth and you won’t miss anything being just outside of town. Many of the chalets are privately owned for holiday use or long-term occupation, but you have a great selection of dog-free Dartmouth chalets or dog-friendly chalets in Dartmouth.

Beautiful Norton Park chalets

Chalets typically consist of:

  • One or two bedrooms
  • A toilet/shower
  • Kitchenette
  • Windowed open plan living area

Everything inside is electric and runs off a £1 meter. You will need to get yourself a bag or two of pound coins. If it’s warm and you are out and about a £10 should see you through the week. The only downside is the lack of laundry facilities – you will have to trek to Dartmouth for a launderette. A chalet with a washing machine is great for young families.

The chalets vary in standard and many are becoming “luxury” accommodation. Having stayed in a newly renovated chalet run by Norton Park Chalets, I can attest to the quality of accommodation cleanliness and comfort provided. 

Here are some recommendations for booking a chalet in Norton Park

If you want to book a chalet, I highly recommend the team at Devon Chalet Holidays. Heather and her husband own, refurbish and manage chalets on behalf of a large number of owners. She can help you get good prices and knows everything about the site.

Alternative, decent chalets include:

Dartmouth Chalets:  a well-appointed 2-bedroom chalet with a decent power shower!

Dartmouth Devon Holidays: 2-bed chalet with washer-dryer!!! 

Snugglers Rest: Luxury 2-bed chalet with washer-dryer.

Short lets in Norton Park, Dartmouth

Vistors to Dartmouth who need an extended stay for relocation, business or work may be able to secure longer stays. Devon Chalet Holidays may be a good point of contact for enquires about corporate or contractor accommodation. 

Buying and selling chalets at Norton Park

Did you know you can BUY the chalets at Norton Park? If you love Devon and want your own holiday home, you can buy the chalets at Norton Park. Prices start at £ 20K for a one-bed to £50K+ for the two-bed chalets. 

There is an on the ground agent Norton Park Property or a local estate agent, Freeborns also handles sales.

8 things we love about Norton Park, Devon

  1. The views of green and luscious rolling Devon Hills with a hint of sea!
  2. Cream teas and barbecues on the patio outside our chalet
  3. Hide and Seek on site
  4. Climbing trees on site
  5. Friendly neighbours and locals
  6. Blackberries in the late summer
  7. Peace and quiet
  8. Lower prices (especially off-peak)

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