What is Leaf Land in Exeter?

Leaf land is an area of deciduous woodland on the river island on the Exe that is adjacent to the Riverside Valley Park.

Leaf Land entrance

If you get the opportunity to walk the Exe on a warm, dry day why not head past the beautiful Trews Weir and just keep on walking. 

You will pass the fabulous Riverside Valley Park and head across to the footpath of the river island that includes the Trews Weir Riverside allotments. 

on the way to Leaf Land from Trews Weir after crossing the suspension bridge

If you don’t get delays foraging blackberries or peeping through the bars of the allotment gates you will find yourself on the outskirts of an amazing woodland area that is going by the name of Leaf Land.

Leafland comes complete with its own signage as its name states is a land of leaves, well trees to be more precise. 

We only realised that this rich and characterful river island woodland had a name on our way out of it. Within you have trees of every kind including hazel, sweet chestnut (with painfully sharp fruit and nuts) and the most amazingly tall monkey puzzle tree! If you have kids, you will be able to identify and name a variety of deciduous trees and fruit on an Autumn walk (plus pick yourself some blackberries or sloes).

The woodland path is beautiful and atmospheric with lovely views across toward Salmon Pool Lane. There seem to be a number of great spots for angling for members of the Exeter & District Angling Association. Wildlife is also abundant with the breath-taking sight of a stately grey heron flying as we walked and squirrels stuffing themselves on the abundant hazelnuts! You can bird watch two with bullfinches, robins and other delightful birds among the trees and hedgerows.

Leaf Land marker

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  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you Olivia, your pumpkin pancakes look like the perfect meal to enjoy after a muddy trek over to Leaf Land!

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      1. Olivia says:

        They are delicious!


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