Devon, The Unexpected British Home of Curried Goat

When you think of curry goat, you are more likely to think of Brixton rather than Brixham!

So you can imagine my surprise at seeing goat meat on special at my local Lloyd Maunder butchers in Devon.

Curry goat and rice (weh deh peas?)

A culture classic…

Growing up, goat meat was very much relished as a delicious traditional Caribbean meal, reminiscent of the savoury meat served by Jacob to his father Issac in the Bible. For a young palate, the richness and pungency of a steaming plate of curry goat and rice were readily eschewed in favour of chips and Bernard Matthews Turkey Twizzlers, but over the years I have learnt to appreciate the taste and flavour of good meat that has been lovingly prepared. 

I think over here in the UK, we haven’t been quick off the mark to appreciate the qualities of goat meat which is popular in countries and cultures the world around.

I always considered goat meat tougher and gamier than lamb and beef, probably more akin to mutton, which in my humble opinion is also highly underrated. Diced goat meat was always more likely to be found in the inner city butchers and markets rather than on the shelves of the local supermarket so Lloyd Maunder is definitely a pacesetter in this regard.

Devon leads the way in high-quality British goat meat production 

Jamaican-born, British-bred Devon farmer Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, AKA The Black Farmer is also a goat meat aficionado, selling tantalizingly moist diced goat and tender goat chops as part of his online store, though it’s just that little bit more pricey than the Lloyd Maunder goat meat.

Though I’m yet to see wandering goatherds on a ramble across Dartmoor, Devon is home to many small-scale goat farmers including the Boer goat farmers of Devon and Cornwall who raise their goats for meat. It’s great to see farming of this versatile animal moving away from the milk and cheese with the wider breeding of this profitable goat breed.

Indeed, the humble goat is an abundant source of ethical and sustainable meat that is usually lovingly reared and expertly butchered. It hasn’t yet shaken its perception of having a touch of the exotic about it so it will probably be the talk of the dinner party if you try it out. 

Now goat is on the menu, there has been a lot of experimentation with it. Goat meat sausages, goat meat mince, and goat burgers are likely to sizzle on the barbecue throughout the British summer.

If you are trying goat, you gotta treat it right…

But for me, there is no better way to enjoy goat meat than authentic Jamaican goat curry. Goat meat in this dish is a vehicle for the unrivalled Jamaican expertise in seasoning meat. There can be no more fitting end for a young goat than on the kitchen table of a Jamaican who is equipped with the seasonings, spices and condiments to transform these nondescript chunks of red meat into a delicious and near addictive hearty meal.  

And so there is no one better qualified to teach us how to create the world-famous Jamaican curry goat than the eminent Jamaican chef Camille Sergeant who has graced us with an amazing video demonstration of this classic recipe.

I’m salivating already and I 💯% encourage you to try this recipe!

If this has whetted your appetite why not head over to Chef Camille’s YouTube channel where you can escape the Devon rain with a slice of Jamaican hospitality and creativity.

You can find her Innarlife channel here

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