Why we need a Richard Vobes in Devon

I am probably old enough to have enjoyed his CITV show Snug and Cozi on more than one occasion. But Richard Vobes of Worthing, West Sussex, AKA The Bald Explorer is distinguishing himself as one of the UK’s leading vloggers about all things landscape, heritage, and nature. If you have not already encountered his engaging 15-minute videos, I thoroughly recommend you join him as he takes his viewers on walks that expertly capture the stunning scenery, character and local personalities of southern England (and beyond).

But he is not a Devonian I hear you say!

I have to admit that I enjoy this excellent channel daily. The Bald Explorer is my holiday from home. It is especially uplifting if the weather is bad and you can’t get outside. 

So here are my reasons for hitting the Subscribe button on Richard Vobes ’ channel. I am not related to Richard in any way. I simply love his take on what makes Britain great!

  • The Richard Vobes channel offers quality, constructive viewing.

Let’s be honest, there is a lot of trash on YouTube and I would never think of leaving an under-18 in front of it, but this is the only YT channel I have found with decent well-produced family viewing. 

The walks and encounters he has are purposeful and educational and we have learned so much about not only England but the character and culture of its people. I know that a lot of Americans follow Richard Vobes and I can understand why. He has nailed what is distinctive and beautiful about England.

  • His longer videos are remarkable and thoroughly recommended for children learning about British history.

I was taken aback by the detail and quality of Richards’s long-form history documentaries. The videos on smugglers in Romney Marsh, Lewes, and Tunbridge Wells are of amazing quality when you consider that this work is largely self-funded and wholly self-produced. I have included them here for you to watch with your family (and so I can find them quickly to watch too).

  • Richard Vobes has an authentic enthusiasm for everything England has to offer.

This man is not a tanned influence living the life of Riley. It is refreshing to watch videos made by someone who could be the bloke next door. Richard is exceptional in his passion for the history, architecture and outstanding natural beauty we have right here on our shores.

And that enthusiasm is infectious, you will want to get out there too!

I love that he gets out and about in the type of countryside, coast and village scenery that can be accessed without a great deal of expense. If you have a family and are stretching the pennies, follow Richard Vobes for 100% FREE walks and activities you can do on a day trip across the UK. 

  • The Bald Explorer team are also a delight to watch. 

Richard is supported by friends and media associates who also have lots to share about the parishes and locales that are being explored. In particular, Julia Hartley and Richard Suggett are stalwarts of the show, know lots about all sorts, and regularly pop up in videos.

Come to Devon again soon Richard!

My one criticism of this delightful channel is that Richard has spent most of his time in Sussex and Dorset and I would love to pass him by on a Devon bridleway or two! It would be great to see Devon opened up by this type of insightful video production that is at its heart accessible, genuine and non-commercial. 

Richard has been to Devon and produced a fantastic video on Exeter as well as a podcast on Dartmoor that will only whet your appetite for more. I’ll leave you with them to enjoy. 

Richard Vobes in Exeter (Is this the Exeter you know and love?)

What do you think about Richards take on Dartmoor? (Audio only)

2022 Update on Richard Vobes trending/going viral!

Firstly, my apologies for not mentioning that Richard Vobe’s sister, Cornelia lives in DEVON (Newton Abbott).

Secondly, Richard Vobes is currently going, if not viral, well more like a cough and snivel, on YouTube. He is currently sharing choice words on the state of affairs here in the UK, and it seems people cannot get enough of it. The video below has 216K views and climbing:

This has led to Richard divvying up his YouTube content into his main channel where he will be speaking forth on a range of issues and a new channel with his fun whimsy and explorations. More in the video below:

2023 Update on Richard Vobes going viral

The Richard Vobes effect shows no signs of slowing down with the indefatigable Mr. Vobes now passing 130,000 subscribers and climbing.

If you’re wondering what happened to Richard Vobes today (19th April 2023), he was temporarily banned by YouTube for a week and is apparently on probation for 90 days, such are the times…

Curb your Richard Vobes cravings with my absolute favorite vid of Mr. Vobes and Glastonbury Gabriel going for a paddle in a coracle. I am laughing just thinking about it:

If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe to Mr. Vobe’s channel – also leave a comment on this page and let me know where you are visiting this site from as this page is currently being inundated! Also, watch his older videos as England in the sunshine is always beautiful! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Mr. Vobes is back!

Richard Vobes returned to YouTube on April 26th 2023. You can find him there and subscribe to his channel.

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