Why Lloyd Maunder bacon offcuts will always be in my fridge!

Lloyd Maunder butchers are a Devon staple with locally managed branches right the way across the county from Ilfracombe to Kingsbridge. Their well-stocked counters, along with the delicious aroma of the sausage rolls, baps, and burgers of their cooked food kiosk offer a real West country welcome which is just what you need when you’re weighed down with shopping bags on the way home.

Each shop is locally managed, and I haven’t tried them all but one thing I will definitely check out

The sirloins and fillet mignon may be beyond my price point, but Lloyd Maunder is expert in the art of the deal, meaning a few coins in the pocket are soon parted on fresh and tasty specials. 

In particular, I will look for the bacon trimmings in every store. They work out at about £1.99 per kilo and have proven one of the best value-for-money items in store. I always stock up on these when they are available and freeze them.

Here are 6 reasons why Lloyd Maunder’s bacon offcuts are a priority buy for my household.

  1. These bacon scraps are cheap and cheerful.

These bacon bits are of outstanding value and really stretch the pounds. If you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy quality bacon for much less than you would pay at a supermarket.

  1. You are getting high-quality bacon.

The thing that keeps me coming back, again and again, is the quality of this bacon. It isn’t the watery stuff that shrivels up when you grill or fry. This is dense meat that hardly changes when it is cooked. And the flavour is amazing! This is because the bacon comes from the preparation of premium cuts folded at the counter. You’re getting the leftovers of a premium product!

  1. The offcuts are freshly prepared in-store

Everything in your local Lloyd Maunder is fresh, fresh, fresh! 

  1. These bacon chunks are the perfect substitute for lardons or bacon bits

I find myself buying these bacon chunks again and again because the chopped pieces are incredibly versatile. I will use them in quiches, pasta dishes, or part of my fry-up. It’s all good!

  1. Children find these bacon bits easy to eat or snack on. 

Your little ones won’t struggle to cut through these bite-sized pieces with their knife and fork. They are great served on the side as part of a picnic or packed lunch.

Along with bacon scraps, I also look out for the fresh bagged lamb and beef bones which are chopped down and bagged for about £1.50 per portion after they have finished butchering. These bones are high quality and meaty. I use them to make rich stock all year round.

The beauty of buying your meat from a local butcher is that you can get your hands on offcuts, scraps, bones, and cheaper cuts of high-quality local meat. Lloyd Maunder source the vast majority of their meat from Devon farms and can tell you about where it comes from which is great.

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