25 ways to cook the lemon sole deal from David Walker and Son, Brixham

If you love the sights sounds and flavors of Brixham as much as we do, you know that walking the quay and breakwater are well worth the effort of a drive or scramble up and down innumerable sets of steps!

While we are there we often stop off at quality Brixham Fish Merchant David Walker and Son

Brixham’s finest fishmongers

Though you cannot enter the world-famous Brixham Fish Market and bid with the big boys for your gunnard, you can purchase on the quay from David Walker and Son who sell direct to the public from their prime quayside location. 

Fresh fish is a favorite but when you have multiple mouths to feed, you need to stretch the pounds and land yourself a decent deal while supporting Brixhams hard-working fishing community. 

The best deals on Brixham quay 

Thankfully the team at David Walker and Son have taken all the haggle out of scoring a box of delicious fresh British fish. This makes them one of my favourite fishmongers in South Devon!

No matter how many times I call email or messenger David Walker and Son Fish Merchants on Facebook, the deal is still the same:

For my family, this is an outstanding deal and gives us no end of pleasure as we tote our polystyrene box of fishy swag home. Brixham has really opened me up to the pleasure of Lemon Sole, a tasty flatfish that makes the stony and sandy inland seabeds its home. 

What do you do with 5 kilos of lemon sole?

5 kilos of the stuff is more than enough for a wide range of delicious dishes, full of the fresh flavor of the sea. No, it does not taste of lemon, but you knew that didn’t you?

To honest it does not last long in our house with even the tiniest fingers and mouths making short work of these tasty fish with a frying pan, butter, salt, and herbs. For the more sophisticated readers, we have rounded up 25 delicious recipes (from rough and ready to gourmet) for cooking your David Walker and Son lemon sole!

25 ways to cook your 5 kilos of lemon sole for £25 from David Walker and Son, Brixham

  1. Jamies baked lemon sole: This recipe is great for entertaining and looks great served from the pan with lots of crusty bread to mop up the congealed sauce!
  2. Grilled lemon sole: Quick and easy with a tomato, caper and olive garnish!
  3. Lemon sole with brown shrimp and Sea Salt: This is a posh nosh recipe that includes wondrous ingredients like samphire, which is very much in vogue. I will probably substitute a bag of frozen Atlantic prawns cooked in butter. 
  4. Rolled lemon sole fillets: You’ll need a pretty sharp paring knife but David Walker’s lemon sole will provide more than enough fillets for delicious recipes like these.  
  5. French-style Sole Meunière:
  1. Mitch Tonks baked lemon sole: Also known as Mr Brixham, local chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks is one of the country’s authorities on how to give fish the treatment they deserve in the kitchen. Like me, he agrees that butter and herbs are good friends to the lemon sole.
  2. A basic lemon sole recipe: With hints tricks and tips from food writers at The Guardian.
  3. Goan curried fish stew: If like me, you don’t like anything to go to waste this spicy fish stew will make a hearty supper for a couple of nights.
  4. Gordon Ramsay’s lemon sole:
  1. Caribbean fried fish style:  Honestly, I cannot say if the delicate sole flesh will really hold up under the seasonings and frying, but I can guarantee you that what remains will taste good and you will be fighting each other for the burnt bits! Serve with thick buttered hard-dough bread.
  2. Lemon sole sauteed with lemon butter sauce – NYC style:
  1. Oriental steamed lemon sole by Delia Smith: I love the dim-sum style steaming method and presentation
  2. Sole with lemon cream: A creamy sauce will work just great with the light lemon sole flesh. Think a rich version of fish fillets with parsley sauce and peas. 
  3. Fish stew:  The tomatoey flavour is really boosted by clam juice or alternatively a good fish stock in this classic recipe.
  4. Oven-baked sole fillets: This rich recipe lays it on with favourites like capers, spring onion, dill, and lemon. 
  5. Pan-fried lemon sole with noodles: A quick and easy weeknight supper. 
  6. Lemon sole with a herby crust: The herby cheesy breadcrumb crust really adds bite to the lemon sole.
  7. Old-time fish and chips style recipe:
  1. Lemon sole traybake with tomato and green beans: This is a family-friendly meal that can be cooked with whole fish rather than just fillets too. 
  2. A light and easy pan-fried sole recipe:
  1. James Martins steamed lemon sole with a creamy white wine sauce: Just the thing for a very special dinner.
  2. Crispy breadcrumb lemon sole:  A classic with chips and tartare sauce.
  3. Lemon sole steamed in wild garlic leaves: If you are a forager or have wild garlic or onions growing like weeds in your garden you could use them in this very fresh recipe!
  4. Ginger lemon sole with Chinese greens:  This is a very sophisticated meal.
  5. Lemon sole with cavolo nero and lentils: An ingenious combination of flavours!

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