7 reasons why Craghoppers is the best [outdoor] clothing brand!

If you didn’t know already, I am an ardent fan of Craghoppers clothing, and my family and I will wear it daily in one form or another. 

My journey to alighting upon Craghoppers as my preferred clothing brand is littered with the frustrating failures of clothing that were too smart, too casual, inflexible, and flimsy, leading to a wardrobe that burgeoning with duds. 

Add to that the misadventures with outdoor clothing brands and you will see why finding a turnkey solution for clothing for my family in Devon has been a life-changer. 

Choosing Craghoppers clothing as my Devon uniform is the fruit of months of research and online (and offline) comparison. l am as stingy as they come so for me to part cash for these clothes they have to be a sound investment.

I hope to save you the time and hassle of trawling the web by sharing some great benefits of buying Craghoppers clothing and pointing out the best Craghoppers items. 

To get the ball rolling and continue my gush-fest I thought I would share 7 reasons why, for me, Craghoppers clothing is the best outdoor clothing brand out there.

My 7 reasons why Craghoppers is the best [outdoor] clothing brand around.

Number one: Buying Craghoppers provides an easy way of putting together a no-brainer wardrobe.

I really appreciate looking tidy and one of the real headaches of maintaining a wardrobe that can keep up with the rigors of family life is all the research and selection of clothing that can be put together. It can take hours and even days to settle on basics like trousers shirts and tops all from different companies with multiple delivery fees.

With Craghoppers, I now have a one-stop-shop for my clothes. The entire Craghoppers range, including accessories, is actually a modular clothing system with pieces all coordinating with each other in colour, cut, or style which makes topping up or altering my wardrobe easy peasy!

Number two: By wearing Craghoppers, I now have a smartish presentation all the time!

Whether I run around after kids, a bus, or the alpacas on the estate, I want to know that I look well put together. I wear a collar daily and thankfully it’s a comfortable Craghoppers shirt. 

I’ve found that Craghoppers is the only mainstream outdoor clothing brand that works just as well in town as in the country. In the West Country, this matters as you are continually transitioning between the two on walks, errands, or a fun day out. 

These well-coordinated clothes mean I am just as comfortable amongst the Lords and Ladies as I am chilling with the youth and I like that these clothes do have just that little bit of street cred.

Number three: The iron has been retired.

I used to be the quintessential city girl, with crisp T.M. Lewin or Hawes and Curtis pricey shirts that took hours to press. But life out here in Devon has so far been relaxed enough to throw on a shapely ladies Craghopper shirt and pull on the Kiwi Pro trousers that stretch in all the right places. They are the epitome of wash and wear. With Craghoppers clothing, no one in the house is ironing, but we still look well turned out. 

Number four: Kiwi Pro trousers can be dressed up or down.

I love that I can enjoy a well-fitting lady’s trouser with stretch that does not look like it is outdoor gear at all. They are remarkably well cut and can be transitioned to fashion looks by the addition of on-trend tops, blouses, and belts whenever I want. The black trouser is especially versatile. The ladies Craghoppers trouser is also very flexible and comfortable enough to be a flattering alternative to jodphurs for an evening hack.

Number five: Craghoppers clothing is incredibly hard-wearing.

I have worn other outdoor brands that were never the same again after a scramble up a sandy bank or hauling toddler across the craggier parts of the Tor. However, I am finding that one set of Craghoppers is up to the rigors of repeated wear, abrasion, and washing. The fancy coatings or fabric technology does not seem to be affected by my chuck-anything-in 40°C wash.

Number six: Craghoppers clothes travel well.

If you are planning an overnight stay of any kind Craghoppers clothing has the flexibility to be comfortable and well turned out on your travels. They pack really well, with any creases falling out once they are hung up or aired. If you are camping or in a chalet, they can be hand washed in the bath or sink and air dry quickly.

Number seven: Craghoppers is a cost-effective clothing option.

If you are a penny-pincher like me you will want the clothing purchases for your family to last and last and last some more. I will pay a premium for clothing that does what it says on the tin. Craghoppers clothes have enabled me to assemble highly practical capsule wardrobes for each member of my family and so far the clothes have lasted despite the rough use at times. 

So there you have it! Craghoppers – an ingenious clothing solution for the working family.

I am very pleased with my purchases so far with this company and have found the quality and fit consistent. Their selection of clothes is expansive so I am looking forward to trying out more of their garments in the coming months and years. If it ain’t broke, I won’t need to be fixing it!

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